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Security Guards

An experienced team of security guards ready to protect your business. With over 160 security staff, we are able to keep businesses or assets of any size secure.


Cash in Transit

Reduce risk with our professional cash logistics. Our highly trained staff will provide first line maintenance for ATMs, and POS, keeping your business safe.


Event Security

The safety and security of your event participants is our priority. Utilising our high-quality training, we will ensure your event is secure and meets all safety requirements.

The security team you can trust

Operating since 1984

Growing out of Tennant Creek, Talice Security has been serving the community for over 35 years. Our team has used this time to develop our expertise and training programs in order to deliver the best security and concierge service in the Northern Territory.

Proactive Innovations

We are always looking at ways to innovate with the latest technologies. Through extensive research & development, we have utilised technologies that enables our security team to be more proactive, preventing problems before they happen.

Striving for Quality

Providing you with a quality team of security guards and concierge staff is vital to ensuring the security of your event, business, or asset. With rigorous quality control methods and training in place, you can always rely on the Talice team.

Aboriginal Liaison Program

We are proud to be the leading company in Central Australia in Indigenous security training. Through an established team of Aboriginal Liaison Officers, we have been encouraging and mentoring our team, ensuring cultural traditions are respected at all times.

Over 160 Guards

No job is too big or too small. With over 160 guards, we can provide security for most businesses, events, and more. Each member of the team goes through the same rigorous training program to ensure they are prepared for any situation on the job.

Strong Relationships

We value our strong relationships with key stakeholders across the Northern Territory. These include relationships with the NT government, police, local councils, and more. Each of these relationships helps us keep in line with their goals and visions, to maximise community safety.

An experienced team for a secure Territory

Talice Security has been providing high quality security and concierge services in the Northern Territory for over 35 years. Founded by Skimbo Turnbull in 1984, the business has since been passed to his son, Tom, who has hit the ground running in transforming Talice. Joining together a strong team of experienced people, Talice Security have delivered new innovations in recruitment, training and on the job processes. This ensures that all of the security personnel at Talice will be proactive and professional when dealing with any situation.

Security that lives and breathes
the Northern Territory

Talice is a local Northern Territory business, born and raised. We understand unique issues facing the Territory inside and out, developing unique training programs and on the job processes to deal with them. There is no team with more knowledge and experience on security in the Northern Territory than Talice. We currently service the entire Northern Territory.

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